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AA Battery Charger

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AA battery charger is an electrical appliance that uses the concept of reversing the electric current forcing through a rechargeable battery and pushing the energy to be stored in the cell. It can be used as the home use gadget or as the travel pack because of the size of the battery charger is getting smaller and compare nowadays.

Normally a battery charger is used to recharge batteries made of the common types of NiCd, NiMH cells. If someone told you the alkaline battery can be rechargeable, you’d better be extra careful. Recently I found an interesting video on youtube where one guy try to proof his theory of any alkaline is rechargeable by doing an experiment at home. Luckily nothing serious damage happened to him and his kitchen.

When buying a battery charger, normally they are packed into a package of a pair or 2 pairs of free rechargeable batteries as a starter kit. Nobody will sell a stand alone battery charger even though one is so unlucky to lose the original one. Well, it is better to get more batteries to use with a single purchase of the battery charger.

Due to the booming of new and small electrical devices, such as MP3 players, digital camera, game consoles, the demand of the battery charger increased greatly. Especially those devices come in so handy design; they will need to use batteries to power them so to make them portable. Look out for the environment friendly logo on the rechargeable batteries you are going to buy; they are made of the recycle material which will help to save the environment.

How to choose your battery charger?

Just select the one most suitable for you and your need. Battery charger started off with the trickle charger type where it is a slow and low voltage charger, some people called it the “overnight” charger, meaning you have to leave the batteries inside the charger for a night. The good thing about this old fashion or technology charger is you will never worry about overcharging the batteries but it just take longer time. Modern battery charger will be those quick charger type which takes about 2 hours to complete the charging period. Some even come with a LED display to show the charge status indicator.

One of the common question many people may ask, if someone is having a specific brand of rechargeable battery, but it is so happened that he/she lost the same brand of battery charger, can he/she uses an alternative brand charger? The answer is yes, as long as you need to check and make sure that the output voltage, supply current and suitable to the size of the batteries you intend to recharge.

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